Personal attributes required in the field of medical laboratory technology

What are the personal attributes that are required to be successful in the field of medical laboratory technology?

There are several things that one should keep in mind before pursuing a course in this field. As this is a very critical area of work and requires lot of focus and dedication, thus one should only opt for this field when he/she is totally sure about this career. The most important quality that is required to a be a successful lab technician/technologist is the ability to conduct research and to finish the task assigned to them with speed while maintaining their accuracy. Students should be able enough to handle stress, make analytical judgement and should also be confident in interpreting technical/scientific data.

Students should have proper knowledge of laboratory instrumentation, mechanical ability and should have the ability to use computers. Candidates should have an eye for details, should be self-sufficient, precise, dedicated and self-motivated. They should have good amount of stamina, as this field requires one to work for long hours, and would also require them to stand most of the times, thus, making it more tiring and exhausting for them. Students as a good practice should take care when handling infectious materials or dangerous chemicals. Again the major focus comes to one’s interest in the subject as without interest one can never reach the milestone of success.
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