Personal Interview Questions at Deutsche Bank

Personal Interview Questions at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is one of the prominent banks in India dealing into investment solutions for the customers. They have already marked their presence in Germany and Europe and are continuously creating their presence in various parts of the world like North America and Asia. There are multiple services provided by the bank like, on – shore investment banking, equities, assets, wealth management, retail banking, and business process outsourcing.

The recruitment process of Deutsche bank is divided into 2 phases starting with the written test followed by a personal round of interview. The questions in the written test are based on aptitude as well as technical section. The written test comprises of 50 questions altogether and you got to complete this test in an hours’ time.

The interview questions are based on various areas; they will be based on the competency level and knowledge on investment banking areas and about Deutsche bank and lastly personal questions is the last area covered in the personal round of interview. Questions asked in the personal round of interview are:

Personal questions are:

• Why did you apply to work in Deutsche Bank?
• Have you had any past work experience?
• What made you choose this role?
• Any extracurricular activities you have participated in?
• Tell me something about yourself.
• Give me 4 of your strengths and 4 of your weaknesses.
• Have you been a part of making any major decision of your life, or is it your parents or anybody else who takes the decisions of your life.

Competency Questions:

• If at any point of time you disagree with your superior, how would you handle the situation?
• On disagreement with your teammate how would you act in the given situation?
• Have you experienced any failures in your life or in the last 12 months?
• Have you used your creativity to solve any problem that you have faced recently?
• What will you do if you are handed over with a work responsibility that you hate to do?
• How would you act in a situation where faced with extreme work pressure?

Details about Deutsche Bank

• Name all the countries in which we have our operations spread?
• In what all divisions do we operate in current scenario?
• Describe our organisational structure?
• List all the members listed in our senior management?
• The profile in which you have applied, which are the other division operating in this section?
• Are you aware of any important deals that we have recently closed?
• Are you in conversation with any of our existing employees?
• If you have had any conversation with the interns from your school who are currently associated with us, what information have they provided you with in relation to our company?

A few questions regarding the banking industry as a whole

• What is your prediction for the banking industry in the current year?
• What does these terms mean: fixed income, equities, bonds, debts and cash flow?
• Are you aware of the major trends in the financial markets, if yes which are they? We do not expect it to be precise but you should be carrying a fair idea of some of the trends?
• Who are our competitors?
• How will you value a company?
• Why did you choose the banking industry as a whole instead of any other field?
• When faced with credit crunch what action should a bank take to handle the situation?

The above mentioned are the questions which you can practice and gain knowledge on to successfully clear the personal interview round. Some of the tips that you can keep in mind to clear the interview round successfully are, there should be no discrepancy in the details told by you verbally and the details mentioned by you in the CV and the details mentioned in the application form. Do a thorough research about the company and have some questions in your mind, with this exercise of yours the interviewers will have the impression that you have read about the company and will leave a good impression on the interviewer. Read the economic times newspaper and all the other financial details in the newspaper to keep you updated of all the financial information. This will give you an edge over other candidates.
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