Personal qualities and employment opportunities for Bioinformatics professionals.

What are the skills required in the Bioinformatics professionals?

There is enormous volume of data that is being generated in the fields of genomics, structural biology, macromolecular and molecular biology. Bioinformatics professionals are supposed to be those trained and skilled professionals who can manipulate and interpret these data. These professionals must have good computational and communicational skills. They should be well versed not only in verbal but also in written communication skills as they have to present papers and articles also on the research done.

Professionals in this field should have good knowledge of statistical laboratory testing methods and must be able to organize and interpret them efficiently, which requires going for overtime and to work under pressure also sometimes.

Bioinformatics professionals need to work across the cross functional levels.

What are the employment opportunities in the field of Bioinformatics?

Market of bioinformatics is growing at a constant pace and the global market is continuously generating employments in this sector. The services and databases that are based on bioinformatics are increasingly in demand and the need of Bioinformatics professionals who are trained and skilled is always there. The employment positions for these Bioinformatician are high in academic institutions and in the Bioindustries. These professionals are needed in both national and international industries and research centers. Graduates of this field who have specialization in software engineering and systems skills are in demand to maintain and develop computer systems to support research, development and production activities in Bioinformatics.
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