Personal qualities for a career in Tea Management and details about NITM

What are the personal traits that I should enact during my career in this field?

The first and foremost thing that you should have before opting for a career in this field is an interest and liking for the external life. Physically fit, adaptable and self reliant is a must in
this field. Leadership qualities and the ability to deal with the labourers is an added asset for plantation/factory managers. One must also have initiative, be knowledgeable about the tea
market and be alert to changing market forces, and should be willing to undertake strenuous work. You should have proper knowledge about the topography and geographical location of
the tea estate. Tea tasters need to have keen taste buds and should keep their sensitivities clean. They should therefore be inclined to keep smoking, drinking and intake of spicy foods in
check. Those planning to become brokers should be level headed and disciplined and be able to strike a good rapport with producers and buyers. These are the personality attributes that
one must have in order to make a successful career in this field.

I am planning to do my post graduate diploma in tea from NITM. Please give me a brief detail about all the necessary things that I need to know.

First of all, NITM – Darjeeling Tea Research & Management Association is one of the best colleges in India for Tea management. The duration for this course is 9 months. The content of
the course is divided in to 4 modules, 1. Tea Culture and Agronomy which basically deals with the history of tea, 2.Tea processing – which basically handle the manufacturing of
techniques and manufacturing processes, 3. Tea Management – This deals with the management principles and practices, human resources and health management, and 4. General – This covers nature study, land survey, computer appreciation and project work in tea garden.
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  • Can I get degree of agricultural science there itself? And how much could be the total amount required for whole course ?