Personal qualities required to be a chemical engineer

What are the personal skills a person should possess to become chemical engineer?

Chemical engineers have lots of good qualities and they should possess the below mentioned qualities:
1. They should be very strong in analytical and logical skills as this is a core part of chemical engineers to be innovative and designing ideas not present in the market.

2. They should be highly motivated to perform a task with excellent communication and coordination skills.

3. They should be a team player who can take the team forward to make a task successful.

4. They should be hard working with good organizational as well as problem solving skills.

5. They should be very good in analyzing and working towards achieving a goal or set of tasks in a given time. At the same time they should innovate and provide tools that can be useful in making the work less tedious.

6. They should be good in conceptualization, creating designs or drawing sketches of the complex things.

7. They should be good in using the computers and having the technology to optimize their work by efficiently working and finding out the answers by doing research to increase the
overall growth or production.

8. They should be good in aspects of fields’ related to chemical engineering and should be able to innovate by keeping the environment and safety of people in mind.
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