Personal Qualities required to be a successful Video Jockey (VJ)

What are the personal attributes that I must have to be a successful Video Jockey?

To be a successful video jockey there are certain things that you must be equipped with. You want to grow and stabilize in this field and that would require loads of dedication and focus as it is a very challenging field. An interest and love for music is an essential aspect. Along with that, excellent body language and dress sense, a pleasant voice, good command over the required language depending on the medium, presence of mind and a good knowledge of music would be good for anyone who aspires to be a Video Jockey. You must maintain a down-to-earth and approachable attitude so that viewers can comfortably make calls and speak their hearts out. Any person in the TV industry as a VJ must be connected with music to do well in this particular field.

You have to get to know about the various styles of music, musicians and albums. With the changing trends you also need to be well informed generally on topics like politics, travel and what all is new. In order to become a good VJ, all you need is a good command over your language - especially Hindi or English as video jockeys need to talk a lot. Apart from this, a pleasant, strong and clear voice that people could relate to is crucial. Awareness of what’s happening around you is also vital. But most of all, you need to love music and be flexible in your music choices.

A good knowledge of the local market and a solid network with agencies and local retail shops will make you an asset to the marketing team. If you are a person who’s whacky, innovative, creative, fearless and willing to experiment with new content, you can do brilliantly as a script writer or a video producer. You should have a wonderful sense of humor to make the show interesting. You may also be required to work erratic hours and travel extensively.
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