Personal qualities required to be an Agricultural Economist.

What all personal attributes should I have in order to be a successful Agricultural Economist?

To become an agricultural economist you must have a sharp and analytical mind, you should have focus on your work, you also need to be aware of the changing trends in this field so a good amount of awareness is important along with the ability to predict the upcoming trends, and you must have a keen interest in research field.

In addition to this, you should have a strong base in physics, chemistry, botany, maths and economy also it is good to have a fair idea of agricultural business management. You must also be sound in conducting statistical analysis, and must have interest in scientific research and developments.

You should be able to take effective decisions when required and also manage the resources and your team members. Other attributes include good observation skills, communication skills, and problem solving skills. You must also be technically sound hence computer knowledge is essential for data analysis and for making reports. This industry requires hard work, dedication and smart work. So if you have it in you, you will make a great agricultural economist.
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