Personal skills required to be successful in Business Administration

What are the personal skills that are required to be successful in this particular field?

There are loads of personals aspects that you should be equipped with before you plan to enter this field.
Motivation and certain personal skills are needed for a successful career in this profession. Hectic work pressure will be there and you need to be tactful when dealing with clients and should be patient and possess keen business expertise. Good communication skills, leadership quality, ability to motivate and work as part of a team, time management skills, ability to understand and solve problems are the needed attributes that are quite necessary to be successful in this field. Quick thinking and the ability to come up with new ideas are advantageous. Merely text book knowledge will not help you even though it can help you easily make a way in this field. On the job, you have to ensure that you are in touch with the latest practices and your skills should be kept updated. You should be aware of the current global scenario, economics and industry trends.

Several universities abroad have tied up with many Indian business schools to offer their International MBA programmes. Students can enrol in these programmes, but there is a little chance for global exposure. Another option is the twinning programme. Here students can complete the 1st year of their course in India and can go outside to the university/ institute to complete their course. Or they can enroll in the abroad university for their studies. There is ample opportunity for pursuing courses in management abroad- UK universities offer MBA as a one year programme. But one must always be careful about the choice of the institute.

Personal skills such as communication, analytical ability and professional skills like time management and presentation are needed for a bright prospect in this career.
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