Personal skills required to succeed in Supply Chain Management.

What are the personal skills that are required in the industry for making a name in the field of Supply chain management?

No doubt that educational skill is important but in addition to those skills there are some personal qualities that are required for a person to be successful in this field. Commitment to the job, good leadership skills, and co-ordination & communication skills are a mandate ask of every industry or company. You should be good with working under pressure and also under someone else’s leadership. Working as a team is of utmost importance in this field. An added advantage in this field is the knowledge of computers. Skills in using computer software’s and other latest means of communication are few added advantages. You should also be comfortable with interacting with the clients such as suppliers, intermediaries, co-workers or third party service providers. The candidate must have a high degree of analytical, numerical and geographical know-how.

What are the various responsibilities of a logistic manager?

A logistic manager is responsible for co-ordinating with the other officers of the company such as purchasing officers, transport and warehouse managers, to ensure that the goods produced by the company are received in the company’s depot on time. The safety of the goods is also a responsibility of a logistic manager. And also they have to make sure that the goods are stored in a proper contained place in addition to looking after their timely dispatch to outlets. It is good to know that a logistic manager has knowledge of supply chain management as this field integrates supply and demand management within and across the companies.
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