Petroleum Engineer career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Petroleum Engineer

Career Objective

Looking for the role of a Chief Production Engineer in an oil producing company where the extensive knowledge and skills acquired over previous stints can help in producing larger volumes oil through innovation resulting in reduced cost and greater profitability.

Career Summary

• Reservoir Engineer with a master’s degree from NIT Trichy and 10 years of rich work experience with Reliance Industries managing operations and drilling.
• Proven track record of leading a team successfully that was responsible for augmenting production by 42% through innovative engineering approaches.
• Have demonstrated strong inter-personal and technical skills through successful training of junior staff by integrating best practices of the industry.
• Managed oil recovery from various reservoirs through diligent monitoring ensuring improved profitability and reduced operating costs
• Performed due diligence and reserve estimations in desert area of Rajasthan where the company ultimately found rich reserves of the fuel.
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  • Petroleum Engineer career objective and career summary -Lavanya N (06/10/14)
  • Career Objective
    Aspiring to become an Operations Head in a reputed global oil and natural gas company where I can utilize my skills and capabilities in overall development and growth of the organization.

    Career Summary:
    - A B.Tech Petrochemical Engineer with hands on experience of X years working on site for crude oil extraction.
    - Expertise in design and execution of the drilling activities for the injection wells.
    - Good knowledge on geophysics and understanding of the behavior of oil, water and gases at high pressures.
    - Supervision and management of the staff at the site on the daily activities of production.
    - Safety- lead at the site in developing and maintaining the safety program and spill prevention.
    - Proven track record of working under pressure and delivering the desired results.
    - Good communication and team working skills that helped in reaching the targeted production.