Pharma Jan Samadhan Scheme - Benefits to consumers in Pharma sector

Pharma Jan Samadhan Scheme – Benefits to consumers in Pharma sector

Question - The recent health crisis in India is on account of low availability of adequate healthcare products. Discuss how the Pharma Jan Samadhan scheme will benefit consumers in the pharmaceutical sector.

Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers Ananth Kumar has recently launched the Pharma Jan Samadhan scheme.

Features of the Scheme

• It is a web enabled system which is aimed at solving the grievances of consumers with respect to pricing and availability of medicines

• This system has been created by the NPPA/National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority

• Alongside this, a Compendium of Ceiling Prices for Fertilisers and Chemicals was also launched

• Will ensure rapid and effective complaint redressal system regarding availability as well as rate of medicines

• Well developed e-governance tool for protecting the interests of the consumers through speedy and efficient implementation of Drugs (Price Control) Order 2013

• Pharma Jan Samadhan scheme will also open the door for an online facility to register complaints regarding any of the issues below:

- Overpricing of medication
- Non-availability or shortage of medication
- Sale of new medicines without prior price approval of NPPA
- Refusal of supply for selling medicine without ample, reasonable reason
- NPPA to initiate action on complaint within 48 hours of receipt
- NPPA to play the role of a facilitator
- Pharma literacy initiative to:
- Creating awareness
- Black marketing
- Prevent spread of spurious medication
- Stop inflation in cost of drugs

Facts and Stats

About the Scheme

• Ministry for Chemicals and Fertilisers Anath Kumar who launched this scheme said the pharma industry now stands on 3 pillars namely quality, affordability and availability

• Pharma a sun rise sector

• Scheme to be part of Make in India vision

• Compendium has been issued for consumers as well as the pharmaceutical industry

• Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals has indicated web based portal to ensure drugs available at reasonable rates

• Redesign of the Jan Aushidhi scheme to make medicines available to poor people at cheap rates

About NPPA

• This is an organisation of the government which has been established for fixing/revising price of controlled bulk drugs as well as formulations and enforce price and availability of medication in the country

• This organisation operates as per the Drug (Prices Control) Order 1995

• NPPA also recovers amounts for overpriced controlled drugs from manufacturers

• This organisation also monitors driving of decontrolled drugs

• It also deals with legal matters arising from its decisions

• In the event of a drug shortage, it takes remedial steps

• It collects/maintains data for producing, exporting as well as importing, market share and so on for bulk drugs

• Relevant studies and research in the pharma sector

• Appointment and recruitment of officers for the authority

• Help central government in matters regarding drug pricing
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