Pharmaceutical Sales career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Pharmaceutical Sales

Career Objective

To secure a position as the Sales Manager in XYZ Pharmaceuticals. The extensive experience of Marketing and leadership skills acquired over last three years can aid in improving sales along with generating profits.

Career Summary

• A B.Pharma from Rajasthan University with over three years of experience in Sales and Marketing in ABC Pharmaceuticals.
• Instrumental in launching the drug “Verimont” meant for cancer patients which successfully captured 50% market share in less than 2 years adding Rs 50 crore to the turnover.
• Demonstrated leadership skills by leading a team of 100 to achieve the highest sales ever for the Northern region.
• Responsibilities included identifying newer areas for sale as well as brand building in existing areas.
• Launched and created new sustainable business models.
• Persistently worked towards converting the firm’s vision into actionable plans and policies.
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  • Pharmaceutical Sales career objective and career summary -Lavanya N (06/10/14)
  • Career Objective:

    Aiming to master in sales in the pharmaceutical domain and give the best for the growth of the organization and achieve self satisfaction.

    Career Summary:

    - A Bsc science graduate with X years of experience in the pharmaceutical sales and handled niche markets.
    - Developed strong relationships with medical experts and doctors that enhance the sales of the organization.
    - Good knowledge on the chemical configurations and diseases in providing necessary suggestions and recommendations to the doctors.
    - Took part in various medical seminars and coordinated in arranging knowledge sharing sessions between different pharmaceuticals producing companies & doctors
    - Strong track record of working under pressure and generating targeted sales set by the head of Sales.
    - Good understanding of the legal and financial practices in the pharmaceutical industry and ensuring the objectives of the business are met.
    - Self confident with good interpersonal & networking skills and supporting the team in all times.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales career objective and career summary -Viraj Desai (06/10/14)

    Looking to secure the role of a Senior Medical Representative. Possess strong clinical background in health care as well as relevant experience in augmenting market share along with expanding customer territory


    • A Bachelor’s in Science from Manipal University with over 4 years of experience as a Medical representative with NMB Ltd.
    • Responsible for augmenting sales as well as expansion of business in the southern territory
    • Developed educational programs intended to increase awareness of brand
    • Helped management in making strategic initiatives for increasing use of pharmaceutical products of the company
    • Patient, Persuasive and people-pleasing personality who has the ability to multi-task and achieve targets given by the company.
    • Knowledge of the latest developments in health industry that helped in developing strategies accordingly.
    • Exceeded target for 3 months in a row by over 100 % and was given remuneration hike within 3 months of joining, the fastest and highest given to any employee in the history of the company.
    • Good communications which helped in developing strong relationship with top physicians of the area ultimately leading to increase in sales