Pharmacy Technicians career objective and career summary

Career objective and Career Summary for Pharmacy Technicians

Career Objective

To achieve a sound position in the pharmacy industry and grow to higher levels in providing the necessary service to the patients and the society.

Career Summary:

- A National Pharmacy Technician Association Certified BSc (Chemistry) graduate with X years of experience in a Global Hospital.
- Expertise in drug administration while assisting the Pharmacist and communicating with the patients.
- Hands on skills in receiving and processing prescriptions of the doctors and coordinate with the hospital staff in case of any issues.
- Good knowledge in inventory management and ensuring the availability of all the important drugs for acute & serious diseases.
- Supplier management in terms of identification, quality assurance and follow-up.
- Knowledge on the legal and quality standards to protect the social interest.
- Well versed with computers, billing procedures and accounting practices.
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