Pilot career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Pilot

Career Objective

Seeking the role of a Wing Commander in ABC Airlines. The rich experience of flying for a leading airline with a proven track record makes for a sure winner for the firm.

Career Summary

• A graduate from Mumbai University with 3 years of experience in XYZ Jet as Wing Pilot.
• Over 2400 hours of flight experience with over 2100 hours of multi-engine turbine time.
• Proven safety track record with the ability to handle time critical problems.
• Strong desire to fly coupled with a positive attitude.
• Excellent communication skills and professional attitude
• Responsible for training and mentoring new recruits in the division
• Ability to maintain calm and take appropriate actions during crisis
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  • Pilot career objective and career summary -Lavanya N (06/11/14)
  • Career Objective

    To be a successful pilot in the commercial aviation industry and work with utmost commitment to ensure passenger safety at all times.

    Career Summary:

    - A Commercial Pilot license holder with 3 years of training at Government Flying Training school Bangalore.
    - Having an overall 500 hundred hours of flying experience.
    - Good knowledge on operating the aircraft computer and navigation systems.
    - Strong technical skills in conducting the pre-flight checks, monitoring the engine and the hydraulic systems.
    - Attended a training program conducted by the National Aviation Board in emergency rescue plan and crisis management.
    - Good communication skills and a team player with continous zeal to learn.