Pipe Fitter career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Pipe Fitter


Looking to secure the role of a Senior Pipe-Fitter at XYZ Ltd. The experience of working with various machines as well as knowledge of piping can aid in ensuring smooth operations at the plant


• A Mechanical Engineer from Guru Gobind Singh University with over 4 years of experience as a Pipe Fitter at ABC Ltd, Mathura.
• Responsible for designing layout as well as fitting and welding steel pipes for the company’s Mathura refinery.
• Handled a number of crisis situations with ease in order to make sure that operations were not stopped or hampered at any time
• Managed a team of 15 and ensured that regular refresher trainings were provided to everyone.
• Aware of all measures related to safety of pipes before and after installation.
• Good physical stamina to worked in harsh environments and complete the job on time.
• Problem solving attitude with an ablity to zero down on the problem and maintain calmness under pressure.
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