PMO Mobile App: Highlights

PMO Mobile App: Highlights

Question :Technology can boost governance in many ways. Provide an outline of the soon to be launched PMO Mobile App

• MyGov has announced that the PMO Mobile App will soon be available to users

• The app will feature a profile of the PM and his leading initiatives as well as a functional chart of the PMO and facility for contacting officials

• It will also include latest news and videos as well as social media updates

• The app will also provide updates on the Mann Bi Baat

• User can also donate to the PM’s Relief Fund through this app

• They can also check on the PM’s calendar through the PMO Mobile App

• Citizens will not only design but also make a mobile app for PMO

• The app is being developed in joint collaboration between Google and the Centre

Facts and Stats

• PMO Mobile App is the first to be designed and created by the citizens

• This tech governance initiative aims to use citizen input for better operations

• Around 20 suggestions from a total of 9500 were adopted for making the PMO Mobile App
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