PM's addressal to students at school across the nation should be welcome.

PM's addressal to students at school across the nation should be welcome.


PM Narendra Modi’s order for making arrangements for the students to listen to his addressal on Teacher’s Day has initiated new topic for the discussion. Never before in the history of India, had there been any such compulsion been imposed from the Government to make the students listen to the PM’s speech on the Teacher’s Day. The day used to be a special charm for the students and a resting period for the teachers. With the sudden notification from the Government, all the public and private schools are busy making arrangements to cover the entire lot of students with the extempore on D-Day. Many schools have even decided to record the speech and cover the students in batches later after the live speech. Creating such a difficult situation for the school management and interfering with the charm of the Teacher’s Day amongst the students, is it actually justified to welcome the PM's addressal to students at school.

- PM Modi has shown an extra mile in all his efforts since the time he has taken the charge as PM. PM addressing the students definitely makes some important basis.

- Students are the stepping stones of our future India. It is the first time PM has created an opportunity to address our youth and encourage them with all the best wishes and power. It is definitely important for the students to hear to PM’s speech.

- The youth are the spark which need the flame to ignite. Modi being a great leader and orator definitely has the talent to boost up the spirit in the young blood and get them running to lift our nation and attain the unattainable heights.

- The school management should themselves make use of this opportunity and make arrangements for the students to listen to the Prime Minister.

- It is a great honour for the student community that the Prime Minister has given them a special privilege and made their existence more powerful as compared to rest of the nation.

- It is the first step by Modi to gather the youth and students into a single entity and make them realize their strength and power if they can join hands and form the defensive force for our nation.

- PM's direct addressal to students across the nation will infuse a lot of motivation in them. This will help us in creating bright people and a more successful nation.


- Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a teacher or any chief for the teacher’s community. It is not right for him bother the leisure time for the students and school management in making unnecessary provisions just to listen to the PM.

- Covering the whole crowd of students by the school management requires infrastructure. Government cannot help with the infrastructure to all the schools, and it is not justified to compel the schools to spend on making the arrangements for the same.

- Through the schools, Modi can only cover the school going students. Firstly, it wouldn’t cover the youth from the colleges and universities. Secondly, this would leave the poor children who do not attend the schools due to lack of money or any other reason. To make this event a great success, instead of focussing only on the schools, the Government should have made provisions to cover all the children.

- Students are aware of their strength and power. This could be very much understood by the simple example of the ‘Nirbhaya Case’ that occurred last year. The student power is by far the largest one which doesn’t need any acknowledgement from the PM.

Precisely speaking, this is really a magnificent work out planned by the government to group the schooling students to a single entity and cover them all with his message. A beautiful idea of passing his words and encouragement to the children in his unique way of extempore. Though the task is tedious especially with respect to the schools to make the arrangements, but this is not an impossible task. Schools do plan the students meet and their get together in the school annual fest eve etc., and this could be a similar gathering that they need to plan for. A bit of the effort distributed amongst the schools round the city, could build the blocks for the nation. Deeply perceiving to the positive attributes of this step, we can call it justified to bother the school management and students on the Teacher’s Day.
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  • RE: PM's addressal to students at school across the nation should be welcome. -Teena Bhatia (09/05/14)
  • PM Narendra Modi, a dynamic leader with “iron-fist” governance style should be applauded for his out of box thoughts and actions. No school, teacher or students ever thought that PM will arrange for a live addressal to students at school across the nation. What so wrong in it if Prime Minister wants to connect directly to students in school. It is his right and he can always find different ways to connect with the citizens of India. I think no one will disagree that children are also a part of nation. He connected with more than 12 million students via video conferencing.

    Some people are arguing that PM converted Teachers Day into political Prime Minister’s Day. I think such people should analyze what are the political benefits that PM Narendra Modi will get from children? He has already won General Elections and moreover children not account for any vote bank. It is a pure humble gesture of PM where he thinks that he can make this day special for children.

    Also, it was not a one way communication. Students from different schools got an opportunity to ask their questions to Mr. Narendra Modi. It was such an encouraging activity for students. They can feel connected with the PM of nation. Children can get information and knowledge from books or internet, but learning and wisdom comes from great leaders.