Poaching should be treated like murder

Poaching should be treated like murder

Poaching is illegal hunting done by poachers who do not pay any heed to the law and rules and regulations. For example, white tigers being on the verge of extinction, by law you are not supposed to hunt them, yet you will find many such people just to make money will hunt them, they are called poachers.

Poaching is an illegal activity and is similar to killing any human being. In Poaching, people either trap the animals live or kill them and sell them in the market for their various body parts, be it skin, bones or any other body part. This is very much prevalent in countries like China where folk medicines use animal parts as their ingredient to cure various ailments. Poachers are very intelligent, they are dressed in the form of visitors and then do the poaching which is extremely harmful and is spoiling the entire wild life in the nation. Poaching is very common in Africa and U.S and poaching done off season – which is also against the law.

Since poaching is against the law, it is crime so why poachers should not be treated as criminals? If a poacher is caught poaching, they are given a very light punishment and are let off, if they would have been getting severe punishment the extinction of animals could have been stopped to a great extinct. After all animals are also living creatures, if killing human being is a heinous crime, then why killing animals is not a crime. In fact it should be considered a more severe crime as they cannot speak for themselves, so it should be we human who should be protecting the animals. Elephants are the most common animal that are poached as their trunks are made of Ivory which is a very exclusive item in the market and elephants are also gradually getting less in number.

Poaching also gives rise to illegal trading of animals from one country to another without thinking of the consequence and will that particular climate suit the animals or not. For example, recently an article in the magazine stated about the love birds, they actually are from Australia. If you separate the love birds they die. The poachers sell the birds to various pet shops and they sell the love birds separating the pair and they die within 3 – 4 days. Plus the food and climatic requirements are not suitable for the love birds here. Yet for money, people bring them home and kill them.

Poaching and Poachers do all these heinous crime just to mint money. But poaching is in the same way a crime as it is to kill a human being. Strict implication of laws and punishment should be implied on poachers to stop this crime and let the animals live without making them extinct.
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  • RE: Poaching should be treated like murder -Deepa Kaushik (04/28/14)
  • Animals are treasures of the country. The food chain and the pyramid run smoothly with the species killing other for extinguishing their hunger. But poaching is unacceptable by any means. This also disturbs the food chain to a great extent. The nature is created in a way to keep a balance, but the illegal human activity often leads to great turbulence in the eco-system.

    Poaching is major concern leading to the extinction of many species of animals. It is no less than a murder to kill innocent animals just to fulfil the monetary needs. A person killing other human for money is considered to be murder, then why not killing the animals for the same reason?

    Illegal possession of animal soles and body parts by hunting them, for marketing or for charm, is an act of sadism. This is highly cruel to kill the innocent animals that haven’t disturbed our settlement in any way. Such an act should be considered as murder and punished accordingly.