Potential employers and earning potential of Video Editors

What are the various employers that I would be applying to for a job in video editing?

Varied career opportunities are arisen for the video editors and an aspirant can find job placements in film and TV production studios, web design companies, advertising and multimedia companies. They can work with independent production companies and for motion picture studios. Majority of video editors are employed on a freelance basis, working on short-term contracts for post-production studios, television companies and corporate employers.

Even though diverse job opportunities arise in this field, you can use creative job seeking methods such as sending your skills-based CV to every Production Company and post-production houses possible. Also make and maintain a good working relationship with people in this industry. As per one estimate, there is going to be a demand for at least 50,000 trained video editors in the country in the near future. There will be a plethora of opportunities for those adept at using the editing software. After completing the course an aspirant can work for news or entertainment channels, production houses, and web designing companies, music companies, film production companies or advertising agencies. There is also a good scope to work as a freelancer in this field. Short term contracts are also available in post-production studios, television companies etc.

What is the salary package that I can expect out of a job of a video editor?

With the advent of streaming videos and movie clips in the websites, video editors are in great demand. They can work as an employer or as a freelance in a firm. The beginners in the initial stage can earn between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,500 per month. The earnings can be raised after a few years of experience. Those working as freelance will be paid per hour and the amount paid will depends up on the company.

Those with talent and experience will be in greatest demand and will have the best chances for employment. Large studios will be offering competitive salaries for the top editors in the field.
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