Power corrupts all without an exception

Power corrupts all without an exception


While some are of the opinion that power corrupts all absolutely, it would be more correct to say that while power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. In any country across the world, systems such as democracy have mostly led to political stability across cultures. Those nations which are based on autocratic political systems or coteries invariably breed corruption. In fact, power corrupts when it has the ability to enamour you into losing human values such as compassion and integrity. Power hungry leaders can give up their beliefs and convictions in a bid to gain power. This can negative repercussions for the leader as well as the led.


• At its very basic core, leadership is focused on power and influence. Power is the natural result of gaining leadership. It is the outcome of a hard fought election and the lobbying of the rich and famous. But power is also a root of great evil. It makes enemies into friends and allies into rivals. Power has the capacity to lure in a way akin to the snake charmer attracting the serpent. It is a dangerous game while it lasts. It is often short-lived for many leaders. Indian history is replete with political assassinations and unholy incidents that point to the all consuming ability of power to claim victims.

• Power has the ability to mould positive social change. It can make leaders into puppets as well. While powerful factions battle for the ability to influence the doings of whoever ascends the political throne in the upcoming elections, the question remains whether it is really worth the fuss it is creating. Does it matter who becomes the leader? All, without exception will no doubt succumb to the lure of riches and wealth. While some may argue that this is a generalization, the scams and scandals that have dotted Indian political history prove otherwise.

• Leaders often give and take political favours. Political bartering forms the root of any government formation in our country nowadays. Markets and the economy continue to hope that a stable government may form, but political compulsions often make leaders take up combinations that are bound to end in inaction.

• During Watergate, it was argued that President Nixon could not perform illegal actions as the leader of the country is above the law. No leader should be above the law if democracy has to succeed in its aim. But corruption has made it possible for all sorts of political coalitions which often do not serve the greater good. It is important to ensure accountability if we are to achieve zero corruption in India and demanding it of our leaders is no mean task. From scams to scandals, most of our political leaders have done it all. Some even have lengthy charge sheets and criminal records. In such a situation, it seems power has done more evil than good to the leader’s character as well as the integrity of the nation.

• Leaders can become drunk on power. It becomes difficult for them to see reality. Surrounded by coteries of loyal fan followers who praise their every move, political leaders can become targets of their own power and status.

• Very few leaders have the ability to set a good example and follow ethical principles. Unfortunately for our world, these remain in a minority.


Leaders can become victims of their own fame and power. Power is like a drug…it can intoxicate if given in plenty. While some may argue that a strong political leader can serve as a good example for others, it becomes quite a task to find even one good leader in the pack. With new alternatives emerging every day on the political scene, it becomes crucial to find leaders who can resist the siren call of money and power. It is extremely difficult to find an incorruptible leader in our world, and in the present century. Who knows if this will change in times to come?
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  • RE: Power corrupts all without an exception -Deepa Kaushik (05/06/14)
  • Honesty has become a virtue of old books, with nobody following these principles. Corruption has entered every field without any failure. The attraction of power and fame has increased the scope of corruption. Greed is prevailing in sphere of life, it could be for money, power or fam.

    The strongest among these is the power, which adds both wealth and fame to the kitty of the individual making him a very important person. The power speaks and along with it speaks the corrupt ethics of the individual in action. Corruption due to power is seen worldwide, but it is spreading like a forest-fire in India.

    People are becoming greedy for power with respect to their circumstances. Even a so-called honest person turns corrupts with power in hands. There are also instances where a person moves away from bribe, but the corruption follows him in the form of cash or kind and makes a person bound to bow down to the kindness of bribery.

    But we should not fail to acknowledge many individuals in India who are still away from corruption and even refuse to take the charge with promotion in order to avoid getting bribed. We should definitely salute such persons.
  • Power corrupts all without an exception -Farhana Afreen (04/02/14)
  • Power corrupts all without an exception

    It is said that 60 percent of the total population in India is engaged in some or the other kind of corrupt deed and the rest of the 40 percent is safe because they never got a chance to be corrupt. It is not power that makes a man corrupt but the selfish thinking and ignorance towards their responsibility that makes a poliician corrupt. In one way it can be truly said that the corrputed minds are more attracted to power and influential positions.

    Almost 95 percent people in India join politics only for the simple reason that power and money comes associated with it. Development of the nation or the social upliftmnent of their community are the pharases that can be heard only during election. The kind of power, influence and facility that a politicaian gets in our country is comparably very high to a hard-earining man in his early fifties. It is not power that gives birth to greed and corrupt ideas within their minds but the greediness of power and money that makes them go insane for joining politics.

    It is quite obvious that scams being unvieled is not a sign that corruption is growing in India for there must be many other such scams undiscovered and hidden. Corruption and scams with misuse of power and influence began years back when the digits were only in lacs but it did matter during those times. In our present times, the didgits of scam amounts are going in millions and yet nothing could be done to ensure that our country could become free of such scams. Detection of scams could have become prominent in these years but strict laws to punish the culprit responsible for such huge losses to the nation is yet to be framed.

    Scams and corruption are not the outcome of power, but the ditrect outcome of lack of punishing laws to the culprit. Politivians are known to indulge in such heinous acts or couurption since times immemorial and it kept of increasing only because they knew there is nothing that could stop or harm them through a punishment. There is no fear in the minds that make destrcutive plans of corruption for they know well that even if they are caught, they will be set free within days or weeks.

    Power vested on wrong hands is sure to be misused and that too when they know there is nothing to stop them. I see rapists and corrput politicians in India on the same platform. They both have no fear of law and hence the wicked crime continues. India needs strict laws and reformed judiciary to keep a check on the powers vested on government officials and politicians.

    Power is given to these people go that they could use it for the betterment of the nation and to safeguard the rights of people. There have been many sincere and honest people in these arenas who never misused their power and influence. APJ Abdul Kalam is one such example who defy the statement that power corrupts all without an exeption. They came into power with a vision of bringing good changes to the nation and not to fill heavy digits in their Swiss bank accounts.

    Power is undeniably being used to fulfil the personal desires of the politicians and in some cases being misused in an evil way to influence the people of a region to support them. The reason why corruption thrives in India is no punishment to those detected or found faulty of wrong doings. A communal extremist who was behind thousands of brutal killing can shamelessly face the mob and contest for an election to the highest position of the nation. Could we expect honesty from that person in future?

    India needs a lot of changes in its continutional laws and systems but the biggest change could come if laws are reformed and judiciary is made strict. This is the best way to keep power within the limts of good and evil.