PRAGATI - e- governance platform to meet the citizen’s needs

PRAGATI – e- governance platform to meet the citizen’s needs

Question - Good governance is all about meeting the needs of the citizens. Discuss the recent e-governance PRAGATI platform launched by the Government of India.

Multi-purpose, multi-modal PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation) is a unique platform of its kind with interactive features

• It aims at meeting the requirements of the common man

• This governance platform also reviews and monitors state and central government projects, schemes and programmes

• Governance in India has become efficient and responsive with regard to this platform

• Built in feature of PRAGATI is that directions will exist within the system and follow up and review will occur till the final resolution of the matter

• Three latest technologies used by PRAGATI include geo-spatial technology, video conferencing
and digital data management

• Unique combination of cooperative federalism aims at providing access to Secretaries and Chief Secretaries for public to put forth their queries

• PM will also be able to interact with Central and State officials and assess ground level situation through this interactive platform

• This is a step forward for e-governance and good governance.

Important Features of PRAGATI

• This is a 3 tier system namely PMO, Union Government Secretaries and Chief Secretaries of States

• A monthly programme will be held where the PM will interact with Secretaries and Chief Secretaries through video conferencing

• First such programme was launched on 25th March

• Every fourth Wednesday will be known as PRAGATI Day; such monthly programmes will be held on this day

• Issues to be placed for the consideration of the PM will be picked up from current database concerning public grievances, ongoing programmes as well as projects

• System will strengthen the database for grievance redressal through CPGRAMS, Project Monitoring Group/PMG and the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

• PRAGATI will offer an interface for all three aspects

• Correspondence sent to the PM by citizens and dignitaries or developers of public projects will be taken into consideration by PRAGATI

• Flagged issues will be uploaded 7 days before PRAGATI Day; issues can be viewed by Union Government Secretaries and Chief Secretaries after an application has been entered

• Union Government Secretaries and Chief Secretaries will also be able to view issues regarding their Department/State

• The PM will also receive updates and visuals on key issues through PRAGATI

Facts and Stats

• PRAGATI has been developed by the National Informatics Centre of India

• It stands for Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation

• It is also aiming at e-transparency and e-accountability with real time presence and exchange among chief stakeholders.
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