PRASAD and HRIDAY - Features of schemes to develop tourism in India.

PRASAD and HRIDAY - Features of schemes to develop tourism in India.

Question - Tourism is a good way to boost economic growth. Discuss the features of the PRASAD and HRIDAY schemes for tourism development in India.

Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spirituality Augmentation Drive/PRASAD: Features

• 12 cities have been included under the PRASAD scheme:
- Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh),
- Gaya(Bihar),
- Dwaraka(Gujarat),
- Amritsar(Punjab),
- Ajmer(Rajasthan),
- Kanchipuram(Tamil Nadu),
- Vellankani(Tamil Nadu),
- Puri(Odisha),
- Varanasi(Uttar Prasesh),
- Mathura(Uttar Pradesh),
- Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) and
- Kamakhya (Assam)

• A Mission Directorate has been established to implement the PRASAD scheme in the Ministry of Tourism

• Budget provision of INR 15.60 crore has been made in Revised Estimates 2014-2015

• PRASAD scheme aims to create spiritual centres for tourism development within the nation

The Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY)

• This scheme is focused on preserving and revitalising the unique character of heritage cities in India

• 12 cities have been identified by the Ministry of Urban Development in the first phase:

- Amaravati(Andhra Pradesh);
- Gaya (Bihar);
- Dwarka (Gujarat),
- Badami(Karnataka);
- Puri (Odisha),
- Amritsar (Punjab);
- Ajmer(Rajasthan);
- Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu);
- Vellankani(Tamil Nadu);
- Warangal (Telangana);
- Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh); and
- Mathura (Uttar Pradesh).

• Rich heritage and cultural history are the basis on which these cities have been selected.

• Around INR 453.90 crore has been allocated under the HRIDAY scheme for implementation as well as development works

• HRIDAY aims to bring together the following elements:

- Urban Planning
- Economic Growth
- Heritage Conservation

• Focus of HRIDAY is on:

- Cleanliness
- Livelihood
- Skills
- Safety
- Security
- Accessibility
- Faster Service Delivery

• Heritage cities will become growth engines under the scheme

• It will improve the quality of life of locals as well

• New technologies will be added such as Wi-FI and CCTV surveillance

• There will also be a provision for heritage walks

Facts and Stats

• Objectives of HRIDAY are heritage conservation, beautification, cleanliness, safety, accessibility and service delivery

• The duration of the scheme is 3 years starting from December 2014

• Funding is around INR 500 crore

• Under HRIDAY, each city will prepare the heritage management plan outlining heritage resources and develop policies for guiding conservation, restoration, future use and development

• Facilities for women and senior citizens, accessibility and last mile connectivity, conservation of areas and documentation of heritage sites are some of the focus areas of HRIDAY and PRASAD
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