Print Media - Earning potential and qualities required to succeed.

What is the salary package that I can expect from a job in the print media and related industry?

The job offers good remuneration in the production department of newspapers, publishing house, packaging, pre-press work, digital designing etc. Salary one gets depend upon the position he/she holds. At an entry level you will be paid less but as you grow and a certain a certain amount of experience you will get good appraisals and handsome packages.

A student with a diploma in Printing Technology may get a monthly salary of Rs.12000-15000 per month in the beginning. Similarly, a degree holder in Printing Technology may get a monthly salary of Rs. 15000-20000 per month as starting pay scale.

In other fields also you may get as low as 5,000 during th eintership but as you get permanent you will get aroung 10,000 – 15,000+ incentives.

What are the personal attributes required to be successful in this particular field?

To be in the field of print technology one must have a mechanical or electrical background. Logical and imaginative aptitude is an added advantage in this field. Apart from this, manual precision, ability to work as a team, originality, eye for detail etc. is required. You must be aware of the changing trends in this field and update yourself accordingly. Good eyesight, including visual acuity, depth perception, field of view, colour vision, and the ability to focus quickly, are also important aspects in this field.
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