Prithvi II : Features and Key Contributions to Defence Sector

Prithvi II : Features and Key Contributions to Defence Sector

Q. “Prithvi II is a new step forward for the Indian defence sector.” Discuss this in the context of the recent successful test launch.

About Prithvi II

• The nuclear weapons capable Prithvi II missile was successfully test fired by the Strategic Forces Command personnel at Chandipur in Balasore, Odisha

• It was test fired for a range of 250 km as against complete strike range of 350 km

• Prithvi II has a strike range of 350 km - capable of carrying 500 to 1,000 kg of warheads

• The missile is thrusted forward by liquid propulsion twin engines

• Missile regiment unit of Command selected a missile randomly from the production lot and launched it from a road mobile launcher for regular use training \

• Following a close to 7 minute flight, the surface to surface missile with a 500 kg dummy payload reached the Bay of Bengal within close to 20 metres of the target point, according to DRDO

• Down range ship recorded the explosion at the time of the terminal event

• Nine metre tall, single stage liquid fuelled Prithvi-II is the first missile to be developed as per the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme/DRDO

• Twin engine Prithvi II is 8.56 metres long and 1.1 metre in width.

• Its weight is 4,600 kg

• Prithvi-II is a indigenous missile based on home-grown technology; this is a good step forward for the defence sector

Contributions to Indian Defence Sector

• Hybrid GPS-IN (inertial navigation system) helped in accuracy of test flight

• Two indigenously developed radar transponders were also test flown and validated contributing to the scientific sophistication of the defence sector

• Communication would be aided by the transponders through radar regarding the missile position and help in tracking it as well

• Radars and electro optical tracking as well as telemetry systems monitored the trajectory and other parameters of the missile as well; this has contributed to the defence sector’s development

• Numerous test flights were held for user training and Prithvi-II showed that it could not be intercepted on account of maneuvering trajectory capability

• The successful launch of this missile indicates the operational readiness of the country to match up to deny eventuality apart from establishment of the reliability of deterrent component of the strategic arsenal of the nation

• Prithvi II is also able to dodge the enemy missiles according to a DRDO scientist

• Prithvi-II is designed to work with liquid as well as solid fuels; it can carry conventional as well as nuclear payloads equally well; this is a multifaceted missile
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