Procedure to create environment for ASP.NET

What is the procedure to create the environment for ASP.NET?

The creations of ASP.NET environment requires 6 steps and these are as follows:

1. User sends a request to the server. The server checks the request and also tries to locate the API extension that can serve the request. The request is processed depending on the file extension.

2. In case of the first request there is a class called ApplicationManager gets created and it also creates the application domain where the website can run.

3. The application that is created creates a hosting environment using HttpRuntime object. With these the core components like HttpContext, HttpRequest and HttpResponse also gets created.

4. These objects that are created provide the response to the request.

5. The object that is assigned to the process page is called as HttpApplication.

6.This process starts the processing of the request that is handled by the Http module events.

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