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CV for Product Developer
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  • Product developer CV


    Position where experience in design and development of Electrical Drives would be valuable.


    DAC Limited, (June 2008 - till date)

    Product Developer

    -Localization of 500kVA Hotel load converter for head on generation of power required for air conditioning, auxiliary and hotel load in railway coaches
    -Deputed to Siemens AG for system design and was member of first prototype commissioning team of hotel load converter
    -Project engineer of 180kVA auxiliary converter for AC locomotives, 25kVA naturally cooled and onboard converters for air conditioning in railway coaches, Auxiliary and traction converters

    for EMU-Bombay project
    -Member of development and localization team of Sinamics V50 electrical drive for industrial applications
    -Member of development team to provide test facilities and finalizing test methodologies of traction and auxiliary converters
    -Responsible for changes in product design as per requirements from customer
    -Responsible for analyzing failures in products, implementing required measures to control their failure rate and maintaining product quality and reliability

    Project management

    -Providing techno-commercial support to Sales team
    -Monitoring modification cycles on field, driving measures to reduce repair cycle turnaround time, providing support to customer support
    -Implementing new features in products as per requirements
    -Driving cost saving proposals
    -Integrate and co-ordinate support function with other groups such as manufacturing, quality, source, logistics, business management, business development.

    XAC Pvt. Ltd., Pune - (July 2007- June 2008)
    Graduate Engineering Trainee

    -Debugging and installation of automatic winding machines
    -Modification of winding machines to reduce capacitor rejection and improve yield
    -Preparation of preventive maintenance schedule for automatic winding machines
    -Established a process to maintain history of machine breakdowns for further analysis of MTBF and MTTR
    -Department Spare Management
    -Maintenance of automatic winding machines


    -B.E. – Electronics Engineering, University of Pune in 2007 with distinction
    -Advanced course - Digital Protection of Power Systems, IIT Bombay
    -Advanced course - Advanced Network Analysis, IIT Bombay
    -Advanced course - Systems Design, IIT Bombay


    -PLM Softwares: TeamCenter, CADIM, SAP
    -Design tools: MathCAD, LT Spice, Matlab
    -Programming languages: C, Data Structures, Assembly language, VHDL, Visual Basic, MS Access
    -CAD tools: AutoCAD, ELCAD, Diptrace, OrCAD, MS Visual Studio
    -Operating systems: Windows XP/2007/NT, DOS, Linux Red hat 9.0, Kubuntu 10.10

    Personal details

    Date of birth -
    Language known -
    Address -
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  • Product developer cv sample

    Telephone: +91 9954******
    Email: Swa***

    Career objective

    Experience of 2 years in product development with new and creative ideas leading company’s towards profits. Seeking an opportunity with more challenging environment to

    achieve the company and individual objectives

    Skill sets

    -Eye for detail
    -Talented and confident
    -Excellent interpersonal
    -Innovative and excellent in designing
    -Through knowledge of quality standards and product registration process

    Key responsibilities handled

    -Designing new products to increase company.
    -Developing methods to test and measure products and its applications.
    -Managing product certification process.
    -Analyzing needs of consumer for change in products
    -Work closely with engineers to develop prototypes for products.
    -Participate in quality assurance process so as to maintain the product standards
    -Launching new products in the market
    -Development of advertising, public relations and marketing communications and working with product management team to ensure process is efficient.
    -Market research to understand the needs of consumers


    -IUkj marketing ltd from 20** till date


    -Winner of National level Visual Art presentation competition on “Subject A”
    -Won State level innovation competition in intercollege competition
    -Won football championship at state level
    -Won Business plan competition in YUT college of management

    Education qualification

    -BE in product development from JH college
    -MBA Marketing from IUY university

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth : 07.12.19XX
    -Languages Know : English, Hindi, and Marathi.
    -Address : YUP, WASD, 687, XXXXX