Production engineering freshers - CV samples and formats

Production engineering freshers - CV samples and formats

E-mail: mo***
Phone: +91-98********

Result Oriented Production Engineer highly dedicated towards work; seeking an entry level position with an established organization.

Educational Qualifications

-BE – Production Engineering in 20** with X% marks from ABC University
-HSC from XYZ Board in 20** with Y% marks
-SSC from XYZ Board in 20** with Z% marks

Technical Skills Set

-Well versed with SAP – Production, Planning and Control module.

Personal Qualities

-Ability to quickly grasp new concepts
-Hard working
-High Stamina
-Effective communication and interpersonal skills
-Ability to work with shop floor workers

Industrial Training

Completed a 6 months industrial training with PQR Co. Ltd. as a Trainee – Production Engineer.


- Assisted the Production Manager in ensuring the availability of necessary raw materials like rubber fittings, metal end fittings and other parts in stock.
- Monitored the parameters of the process to ensure that the moulding takes place with minimal rejection.
- Carried out the quality checks of the process as mentioned in the process work sheets.
- Assisted the production manager in ensuring optimum usage of workers and machineries.
- Called the prospective customers to seek orders
- Prepared the necessary documents for material dispatch clearance.


-Member of the team that organized technical conference on “Latest Engineering Practices”
-Winner of “Best Project Performer” at college

Extra Curricular Activities:
-Won various inter college basket ball tournaments.
-Active member of NGO – RAKT Foundation

Personal Details

Date of Birth:
Languages Known:
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  • Production management CV sample

    Mobile: +91-85********

    Career Objective

    Hardworking and eager to get opportunities looking for a job to contribute for the growth of organisation and to prove myself. Ready for taking up challenges and involve in the development of

    innovative products and consumer electronics on a large-scale basis.

    Key Skills

    -Excellent in Auto CAD.
    -Knowledge of 2D and 3D modelling.
    -Strong knowledge of Core Mechanical subjects.
    -Proficiency in Computer skills like MS word, excel, PowerPoint, Win 98/xp/7.

    Personal Qualities

    -Excellent communication skill.
    -Ability to grasp the new skills.
    -Hard working.
    -Honest and loyal.

    Academic Qualification

    -B.Tech (Mechanical) from “XYZ University” with 80% in 20**.
    -HSC from xyz school, CBSE board with 75% in 20**.

    Academic Projects Undertaken

    Project Name: “Solar Water Heater”
    Team size: 6
    Project description: This is the low cost water heater which consist two transparent plastic bowls which are differentiated with thickness of 5 cm.The water is already filled in small vessel

    with 18 degree from four hours. A transparent lid is covered over the smaller vessel. Then first vessel is heated up to 20 degree by using radiation and though the second bowl heats the water

    with around 13 degree. It is based on transfer heat.

    Vocational Trainings

    -Completed three months vocational training with “XYZ” company from May 20** to July 20**.
    -Completed one month industrial training with “XYZ” company from Jan 20** to Feb 20**.


    -Achieved first position in Science Talent Hunt Examinations.
    -Best Student of the Year in 20**.


    -Trekking and hiking mountains.
    -Reading Fictions.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    -Participated in College Cultural programs.
    -Participated in inter college Cricket match.
    -Participated in different Paper Presentations.

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: 19 June 19**.
    -Languages known: Hindi and English.
    -Address: XYZ
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  • Production engineer CV sample

    Ranjit XXXXXX
    Contact: +91-XXXXXXX
    Mail Id:

    Career Objective

    A creative, enthusiastic and hard working person looking to acquire an entry level position with a reputed firm where I could perform my skills for the betterment of the firm.

    Key skills

    -Excellent knowledge of manufacturing equipments.
    -Good knowledge of manufacturing process.
    -Knowledge of various computer software.
    -Result oriented.
    -Easily adapt new environment.
    -Can handle situation in very good manner.

    Educational background

    -Masters degree in “Operations and marketing” Management from XXXXXX College in year XXXX with XX %.
    -Mechanical engineering graduate from XXXXX College in year XXXX with XX %.
    -Passed higher secondary from XXXX School in year XXXX with XX %.
    -Passed high school from XXXX School in year XXXXX with XX %.

    Certification course

    -Six sigma basic course from XXXX institute in year XXXX with XX %.
    -Diploma in computer application and its management.

    Projects Undertaken

    -Prepare a project on “Design of fuel pump for automobile “along with 2 more members.


    -45 days training on handling mechanical equipments and tools from XXXX company.
    -Two months training on “working process of manufacturing company” from XXXX Company.
    -One month training on “Operation management” from XXXXX Company.


    -Attended seminar on “Management of manufacturing unit” organized in college.
    -Attended seminar on “Client, vendor and supplier management” organized at XXXXX College.

    Extracurricular activities

    -Topper of the college throughout graduation and post graduation.
    -Receive award for “Best presentation” during post graduation.
    -Participated in sports activity in schools.


    -Singing and dancing.
    -Playing Cricket.
    -Reading novels.

    Personal details

    Date of birth: XX/XX/XXXX
    Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXXXX
    Address: XXXXXXX
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  • Production engineer CV sample

    91 837*******


    Looking for the greatest opportunity as a production engineer that offers challenging assignments, professional development and career growth.

    Core Competencies

    -Goal Oriented.
    -Dedicated towards work.
    -Positive attitude.
    -Strong communication and interpersonal skill.
    -Strong will power.
    -Better planning and coordination.
    -Flexible & Adaptable.

    Educational Qualifications

    -Bachelor of Production Engineering from VFK University with First Class.
    -HSC (Science) from BIK Board with First Class distinction.
    -SSC from BDY Board with First Class distinction.


    -Proficient in TQM, TPM, TPS systems.
    -Proficient in IT skills & MS-Office Suite.


    Title: Inventory Management.
    Company:NIK Company, NGL
    Duration:2 Months.

    Title:Models in Logistics Management.
    Company:NPW Logistics,NOL.
    Duration: 1 Month

    Achievements and Awards

    -Participation in the ‘Youth Fest’ organized by LBO University.
    -Attended Seminar on ‘The Genetic Value Chain in Production’ by Mr.BOA.
    -Presented a Paper on the topic ‘Warehouse Operations’ at the State-level competition.
    -Won the Consolation prize for the Paper presented on the topic ‘Product Design & Production Structure’ at the University level.
    -Participated in various Swimming tournaments.

    Areas of interests

    Swimming, listening to music, chatting.

    Personal Details

    Address:38,Main Street,Sutanpalya,NTG.
    Languages Known:English,Hindi & Kannada.
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  • ME production engineer freshers - CV samples and formats

    Kapil XXXX
    Mobile: +91-89********
    E-mail: kapil***

    Career Objective

    To work in innovative environment where I can learn , grow and the best of my knowledge and help the organization achieve its goals.


    -Good Knowledge in different Materials, various types of production planning and control
    -Basic skills in CAD ,MASTER CAM
    -communication skills
    -Man power planning


    -CNC programming


    Project: roduction,PLanning and Control
    Company:PLM Ltd.


    -Management of structural project from planning, fabrication to installation.
    -Involved in assisting planning of project, organize and implement the project
    -Instrumental in planning the layout design for products
    -Successfully work with team and seniors under pressure and coordinate numerous activities
    -Project control and continuous improvement of the process through various techniques
    -Maintaining records for the same .
    -Ensuring that all the work is carried as per standard procedures
    -Daily work management and supervision for machining process.

    Summer Training And Courses

    -Institutions: XYX Ltd. Duration 6 weeks
    Training on : Assembly
    -Institution: AVS Duration 1 Months
    Training on : Production


    -Auto CAD

    Academic Qualification

    -ME. Production from Institute DFD, University AaS in the year 20XX
    -BE Production from Institute DFD, University AaS in the year 20XX
    -HSC from UIU College in the year 2XX

    Extracurricular activities

    -Won business quiz competition in SAD
    -Achieved best student of year award in 20**
    -Participated in enviornment cleaning activity through college

    Personal Details

    -DOB: 2nd Jan, 19XX
    -Languages known: English, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit
    -Hobbies: Interacting with the people, travelling
    -Address: FGSSSS