Promoting Safe and Judicious Soil Management in Agriculture - Govt. Initiatives

Promoting Safe and Judicious Soil Management in Agriculture – Govt. Initiatives

Question: Through good governance initiatives, government can assist farmers in effective soil management and agricultural practices. Discuss the steps taken by the government to promote safe and judicious soil management

Steps Taken by Government to Promote Safe and Judicious Soil Management in Agriculture

• Government is providing know how regarding effective use of pesticides via Central Integrated Pest Management Centres

• Farmer’s field schools have been formed to create awareness regarding integrated pest management strategies

• State and stakeholders are being told to support “Grow Safe Food” campaign through which the following is promoted:

- Safe use of pesticides for right crop
- Use of pesticides against pests for which it has been approved
- Use of pesticides at right time
- Use in approved doses and methods as shown in training and media campaigns in agrarian areas

• Advisories have been issued to pesticide dealers to also alert them regarding use of these products as per labeled instructions

• Government is also promoting soil test based balanced and integrated nutrient management

• It is promoting inorganic and organic sources of plant nutrient management for good productivity and soil health

• NMSA/National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture has a soil health management component
• Assistance is given regarding demos of balanced fertiliser use as per this mission; frontline demonstrations are also provided

• Financial assistance is also provided under NMSA for Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme through NABARD for setting up bio fertiliser/bio pesticide production units

• 100% assistance is provided to state governments under this scheme up to maximum limit of INR 160 lakh per unit and at the rate of 25% cost limited to INR 40 lakh to individuals and private agencies

Facts and Stats

• There is no scientific evidence that a majority of the cultivated land in India has toxins of high level

• However, indiscriminate use of fertilisers can lead to multi nutrient removal.

• The major focus of schemes and steps for soil management is enhancing soil quality

• Another aim is sustaining soil quality
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