Pros and cons of a career in animation.

What are the pros and cons of the animation career?

The pros:
• There is good scope in India as well as in abroad.
• The global animation industry is a huge
• It gives you freedom of personal expression by adding your own touch in your work.
• This profession is quite lucrative.
• It gives you creative freedom if you are creating your own cartoons
• Its uniquely challenging job and push you to be more and more creative.
• You are paid express your creative ideas.
• Engages you in active learning, cooperative learning and uses a range of multiple intelligences.
• Brainstorming by visualizing the content.
• You can go at your own pace and not really requires keeping up with everyone.

The cons:
• It is time consuming since it includes drawing individual frame for each scene.
• The repetition of work can become tiresome at times
• Working for long hours may create a stressful situation for an animator.
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