Pros and Cons of a career in Fashion Designing

What are the pros and cons of becoming a Fashion Designer?

- It is an absolute satisfaction watching other people wearing you art.
- You can easily start your own small scale business.
- Hard work easily pays in the form of fame and fashion shows.
- The work is very creative and fun provided you have an eye for fashion.
- Good pays and consistent income.
- This is one of those few jobs where you get paid for what you express.
- For those who love to travel, a career in Fashion Designing can prove very promising.

- Long working hours in order to meet deadlines and order supplies.
- The job is very demanding and can lead to distress owing to harsh criticisms and deadlines from the clients
- You can come across difficult customers very often.
- It takes a great amount of hard work to prove your worth and build your reputation.
- You always need to stay ahead of the ongoing fashion statements and fashion trends. You can never be complacent for your knowledge of the trends.
- Adjustment of the day according to schedule of the client.
- The industry is competitive and exhaustive.
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  • RE: Pros and Cons of a career in Fashion Designing -leah (02/25/16)
  • this is for my GCSE work at school and im making my own business, i chose to make a fashion business of my own because thats what i wanted to be:) but i changed what i wanted to be but i still have this in mind to help me in school, ill just be looking at the information down to help me out... thankyou!