Pros and cons of becoming a Pet Groomer

What are the pros and cons of becoming a Pet Groomer?

- There are plenty of choices in employment opportunities, viz., you can work in a veterinary hospital, boarding facilities, pet salons or in a mobile van.

- If you work as an independent pet groomer, you have the freedom of flexible work schedules.

- Since there is a boom in the global pet industry, you can find a job anywhere from small town to metropolitan cities.

- No formal schooling is required. You can start as an apprentice to an experienced pet groomer. All you need is to have patience and be passionate about pets.

- Starting your own business is not very difficult and certainly not out of reach unlike many other business options.

- You need to work on time limits set for each appointment, which might sometime create too much pressure. In general cases a pet groomer takes almost 1-1.5 hour for grooming of a pet.

- Working with animals is difficult and occasionally frustrating for obvious reasons.

- A pet might act aggressively to defend himself. Injuries from bites and scratches are simply unavoidable.

- You might sometimes get bit; pets might poop or pee on you. And this is something you can’t get rid of. This is a part of your job. Someday you will find yourself covered with pet hair, dander and pet drool.

- You need to work hard as well as laboriously, as heavy lifting is a non-detachable part of the job.
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