Pros and cons of taking up creative writing as a career.

What are the pros and cons of creative writing career?

• Possible fame.
• Ample space of learning and improving language skills while earning.
• The ability to make a living doing something you enjoy and love
• Entertaining people with your material
• Working a schedule you choose, from a location you choose
• Potentially lucrative income
• Connecting and talking to people throughout the world via internet.
• You are your own boss if self-employed.

• Subjective nature of writing often leads to disagreements between writers, editors and publishers.
• Self-employed writers almost never receive job benefits like insurance, retirement benefit from their clients.
• There is strong competition for jobs and clients, due to high interest in the occupation and low barriers to entry to this profession.
• Potential lack of social interaction while working
• Completing a writing assignment is time consuming
• Not get paid enough.
• The journey of a writer is not straight like other professional, it has ups and downs, twists and dead ends sometimes.
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