Prospective employers of PR professionals and tips to succeed in Interview

Can I have a list of the top advertising companies that I can apply in? And also can you share some tips of getting hired in these companies?

There are various companies in India, but the top most companies are mentioned below:

1. Ogilvy and Mather
2. J Walter Thompson India
3. Mudra Communication Pvt. Ltd.
4. FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd.
5. Rediffusion- DY&R

These are the top notch advertising companies but besides applying for a job with these companies, you might as well apply to top IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro, HCL and others as they do have requirements for corporate communications professionals with PR experience. You can also apply with the top TV channels and News channels in the country.

If you want to be hired as a successful PR professional then follow the following tips:

1. You should always apply to a bunch of companies (7-8) for the job.
2. Should always schedule up interviews and tests on the dates that you are most convenient on.
3. You should show your excellent communication skills by speaking a lot in front of the hiring committee as they are looking for people with excellent command over a language.
4. If you are a fresher then you shouldn’t fight over salary. Just take what you get.
5. Express willingness to learn and upgrade your people skills further by showing genuine interest in joining the company you are applying to.
6. Research about the company and its business well before you appear for the interview.
7. Give them enough reasons to select you and don’t get bogged down on the stability criteria. Show them that you are there to stay.
8. Always show your eagerness to excel in the field so as to gain the management’s confidence.
9. Prepare your resume well. This is again a very important part of the hiring process. Most of the times candidates fail to impress the management because of the content they put in their resume.
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