Public smoking should not be banned

Public smoking should not be banned

Public smoking should not be banned. - after all smokers have their rights too.
Do you agree?

No, I don’t agree that public smoking should be allowed. In fact, I feel that not only public smoking should be banned, but people found practising the same should be heavily penalised.

By smoking in public, smokers are raising a bad example in front of children and youth. Moreover, other innocent people who may be non-smokers themselves are forced to inhale the fumes and their health is put at risk for no fault of theirs. Moreover, smoking causes air pollution and litters the environment as well.

Smoking is known to cause heart attacks and other disorders. But the hard fact about smoking is that it does not limit its hazards only on the smokers. Due to public smoking, the fumes get accumulated in the atmosphere thereby, impacting non –smokers also at the same magnitude which also includes children and old people.

Banning public smoking will not only reduce the health hazards in the society but will also reduce air pollution and keep the environment clean. Putting restrictions on public smoking may reduce the smoking level of some people.

Apart from heart diseases, other health hazards that are becoming increasingly common in both smokers and non-smokers are cancer and cirrhosis. Also, many people these days suffer from asthma and as reported by a research, most of them are non-smokers. They are getting asthmatic as they develop an allergy towards the smoking fumes prevalent in the atmosphere.

Also, it cannot be ignored that lots of forest fires have been caused because a smoker has thrown a cigarette lit up in the forest. Thousands of trees and animals have died. Likewise,
many buildings have also caught fire due to these kinds of ignorance on the parts of the smokers.

Hence, allowing public smoking is really unethical as it is not putting just the health of smokers in risk but those of innocent non-smokers as well. It degrades the environment and also leads to big accidents at times.

Another dangerous implication of smoking is that teenagers and youth have started perceiving smoking as “fashion” symbol and this is very dangerous since, it makes them resolve to smoking at a very young age. This is a societal issue and should be addressed collectively.

Awareness camps, excessive advertising regarding negative effects of smoking accompanied by strict rules and their enforcement can help to address the issue of public smoking.
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  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -me (01/16/23)
  • if banning smoking is a violation of freedom wouldn't that also apply to of drugs that were legal in the past such as weed
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -TruptiMayee nanda (08/22/18)
  • I m agreed that public should be banned.due to smoking people suffer many decades such as cancer,heart blockage.that results the death of life.if u smoke publicly their smoke mix with environment after that it ll be polluted.that smoke also affect nearby the smokers.

    Yes they HV right to smoke publicly but they should not HV any right to harm people.govt should ban the manufacturing factory like cigarette, affim.some people think that they get relaxed after smoke .but actually it's a wrong concept of their mind.its nothing but that is their psycho problem .

    For that it should be banned....
    So plz it's my humble request to you all that u should avoid smoke ....
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -Shiva (04/22/18)
  • n.
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -sanjay singh (11/09/15)
  • yes,i agreed that public smoking should be banned but all we know smoking is legal here in our nation and all other too , regarding this smoking is their right to do but should employees a smoking compartments in public area that they can use that compartments in public places for instance at station at market and other processes.
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -HAPPY SHARMA (10/28/15)
  • acc to my point of view public smoking should not be banned. people do whatever they want to do and one can,t put any restriction on their own choice acc to the constitution of india. secondly acc to human psychology man do those things more from which they are restrict to do to it encourage more smokers. smoking is helpful in reducing stress and another thing smoking products contribute a good amount to our gdp so we should tske this poin into consideration.
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -sat (10/14/15)
  • public smoking is banned but government has to take to necessary step's in implementing smoking zones particularly public place...
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -Jaya Priyadarshini (10/12/15)
  • Public smoking should be banned because it influence people so quickly to adopt this habbit. There are only -ve points of smoking so y one should allow this publically : Must be banned
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -Abhay Sarin (10/12/15)
  • Obviously,public smoking must be banned,not in india but in the global level.we all know very well that smoking is injurious to health,it causes cancer.If one person smokes in public place he speares plenty of dieases,and be frank our culture does not supports smoking in public because of wrong impact on youth and as well as children..
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -Nittu (09/07/15)
  • If public smoking is banned it will reduce consumption of smoking by users and this is definetely good for them. But if is not banned they consume it more. So it should be banned. Ban on public smoking will indirectly helping them.
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -vikram jeet (08/01/15)
  • in my openion ,public smoking should be banned and strict laws should be implemented against defaulters.
    public smoking gave odd look to our society as well as it also encourage some innocent teenagers to do also cause air pollution and become the cause of many diseases such like asthama and heart attack and cancer
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -Ravi (07/07/15)
  • Hello, Friends!
    I think public smoking should be banned not only in India but this should be banned in Global level for the benefit of human being.Because public smoking is not only harmful to the smoker itself it is even dangerous to the non-smoker too.
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -kajal (06/16/15)
  • This is totally a wrong statement.
    Public smoking should have definitely banned, not only smoking but also these gutkha, tambaakoo. First of all it is a very bad habit and causes cancer that we all know. And by seeing them then children are also learning these bad habits. So, why the govt. is not banning these useless things.
    Due to unlimited amount of lead found in maggi, it is banned in many states. So, as the food-safety is caring for our health by banning maggi, so why can't smoking?? and i'm very sure that smoking is more and more dangerous than maggi. So it should be banned. There is no need to ask whether it should be banned because it should be banned.
  • RE: Public smoking should not be banned -Teena Bhatia (09/10/14)
  • Can ban on public smoking help the world? Will it really eliminate the use of smoking completely? If yes, public smoking should be banned, if no then why it should be banned. Let us check out some good reasons why public smoking should NOT be banned:

    • Ban on public smoking is disrespect of property rights. The pub premises or other places belong to public and it is their personal right to take a decision on smoking policy.
    • There is a great debate on the term public places and private places. The confusion always leads to problem. A pub is a public place but at the same time it is also privately owned by an individual.
    • Ban on smoking is depriving people from freedom of choice. Smoking is legal and therefore, in no case a place can make it illegal or an offence.
    • Smoking ban at public places can come under an undemocratic act. It is better to take the public opinion through the means of voting before making any final decision. Either impose a total ban or allow people to smoke at place of their choice.
    • Smoking ban on public places can make people irrationally and can create socially divisive atmosphere. Also, it can affect the psychological behavior of people and can make them impatient who can lose control in an easy situation.
    • Smoking ban on public places is hypocritical as at one end government cannot allow people to consumer tobacco at all places and stop them from smoking at the same places.
    • Ask the businesses what they are losing from smoking ban. Smokers in any case will smoke, but the ban becomes fatal for businesses.
    • Technology has advanced to great extent and it has resulted in modern air filtration technology that can reduce impact of smoke.
    • The smoking bans in public places and similar measures don’t limit the smoking, instead backfires and encourages people to smoke more. Also, it merely displaces smokers.
    • Smoking ban on public places is turning the hospitality industry into law enforcing industry where the guests are forced to live in confinements.