Puppetry - Old, interesting but forgotten art!

Puppetry - Old, interesting but forgotten art!

One of the oldest forms of entertainment, puppetry is much more than just playing with the puppets. Puppetry is a blend of elements including art forms such as literature, painting, sculpture, music, dance, drama and helps students develop their creative abilities. Puppetry in India, since a long time as a popular medium to showcase various stories on Indian myths and legends. Considered to be an excellent medium of teaching, puppetry is used in a lot of schools as a medium for imparting education. Several performances over a period of time have helped this dying art at gaining recognition and appreciation.

Where can I apply for a course on puppetry?

• At present Mumbai University is the only one to offer a Certificate Course in Puppetry.
• Calcutta Puppet Theater will soon be starting a puppet academy.
• A 15 days workshop is conducted by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, New Delhi for in-service primary school teachers to create awareness about the Role of Puppetry in Education.

Are there any specific qualifications required?

No formal academic background is required to take up this course. However, most of the students have a good amount of knowledge in drama which is helpful in performances.

Who employees puppeteers?

Most puppeteers are self-employed due to the small number of people required to manage and run each puppet show. A lot are employed in schools as well and hired for day performances.
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