Put a full stop to the IPL saga!

Put a full stop to the IPL saga!


A Supreme Court appointed panel suspended two IPL franchises – Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals for two years. The decision came when the owners of the teams were found guilty of illegally betting on the game.

The panel also suspended Raj Kundra, owner of Rajasthan Royals and Gurunath Meiyappan, owner of Chennai Super Kings from all the cricket related activities for life.

Indian skipper, MS Dhoni leads Chennai Super Kings whereas Rajasthan Royals is led by Australian batsman Steve Smith.

When IPL was launched in the year 2008, it grabbed the attention of everyone across the world. But, with the increasing controversies and declaring a ban on two teams, the question arises on whether a full stop should be given to the glamorous story of Indian Premier League. Let's have a look!

Yes – Too many controversies spoil the game!

- Corruption – IPL was always been in a lot of controversies since its first session. It has generated a lot of corruption in the field of world cricket. Gambling or betting is illegal in India and the owners of both the teams (CSK and RR) were believed to be involved in such corruption. IPL is also blamed for the involvement of a lot of black money.

- Purity of game – Due to a huge flow of black money into the game and the increasing rate of corruption, the purity of the game is at stake. A huge injury has been caused to the image of cricket due to Indian Premier League.

- Clashes among players – IPL was launched to encourage friendship among various players and different countries. But, we have witnessed a lot of situations, wherein the players were indulged in fighting or abusing cases. The main motive of the game was to create a friendly relation with various countries. But, IPL failed to achieve this aim in the long run as it concentrated more on corruption and illegal funds.

- Cheating the fans – Cricket is a passion for millions of people across the world and IPL has been the center of attraction for these people. As the purity of the game is affected, fans feel cheated and have doubts regarding the cleanliness and pureness of IPL.

Ban on players – Banning two IPL teams is an incomplete decision because the players of these teams are not at all affected by the verdict. The corruption also involves the players as well as the co-owners. Thus, a ban should have been imposed on the players as well. The players can come back with a new co-owner and it can lead to the repetition of same story.

No – The league should not suffer for some greedy people!

- Promotion of cricket – In India, cricket is considered to be the king of all sports. With the launch of IPL, cricket has been promoted throughout the world and attracted millions of fans. It also provides a platform to the cricketers to showcase their talent.

- Encourages cordial relations – IPL is all about spirit and sportsmanship. Each team comprises of a mix of players from different countries. This helps to improve the friendship, not only among the players but also among the countries.

- Tourism – The IPL matches are held in various cities of India. It attracts a lot of people from abroad to come and attend the matches. IPL creates a revenue for BCCI as well as the Central and State governments in the form of tourism.

- Banning is not a solution – Banning any of the teams or players is not a solution to any problem. Stricter laws should come into force. Before launching any game, a proper set of guidelines should be created, which is to be followed by every player. Instead of declaring a ban, a proper investigation should be carried out to bring the culprit before the audience.


IPL has created huge sensational waves not only in India but also across the world. Banning IPL would affect not only the players and co-owners but also the revenue system of our country. A lot of tourists visit India to watch the IPL matches.

Instead of banning, a strict law system should be implemented. The system should also keep a track of the amount which is flowing into the tournament. The law system should prevent the loopholes that exist in the IPL tournaments.

According to Raj Kundra, his dignity was affected negatively by the pronounced verdict. Though there were no evidences found against him, he was considered as a major culprit.

Thus, before making any judgment, the panel should collect enough evidences against the offenders and then announce the verdict. Banning is not a solution to any problem.
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  • RE: Put a full stop to the IPL saga! -Deepa Kaushik (07/16/15)
  • Putting a full stop to IPL saga is not a solution to the concernof betting and defaming the spirit of game. The actual solution lies in punishing the accused and putti9ng an end to their cricket career. Even the suspension of the whole team for a particular time period is not a good decision.

    When the owners are accused of betting, then a proper investigation should have been followed to pin-point the accused, the players who were involved in this unfair practise. It6 should be a ban on those players as well for the lifetime in any of the aspect of cricket-world. If such a decision had been passed, then it could have been a lesasen for the other players round the globe to keep-up the charm and sportmenship in the game.

    On the contrary, suspending the teams would make the league incomplete. If the IPL faces controversies, it should the duty of the cricket board to inspect the matter in depth and provide a resolution for the same. IPL is not bad in its origination. Just few corrupt and unfair play backing the illegal bindings is defaming the true essence of the game. We should ideally intensify the securoity check and pick choose the culprits, rather than imposing a ban on the IPL League.