PUT gets turned ON only when there is an excession of

PUT gets turned ON only when there is an excession of ________ over the programmable level.


a. anode voltage
b. cathode voltage
c. biasing voltage
d. gate voltage

Correct Answer: a. anode voltage


Programmable UJT (PUT) is also PNPN device comprising four layers along with terminal connected to N-region adjacently to anode & also exhibit similar V-I characteristics as that of UJT.

This PN junction undergoes in forward biased mode whenever the value of anode voltage goes beyond the gate voltage by 0.7 V, by ultimately turning ON the PUT.

On the contrary, the PUT gets turned OFF when the value of anode voltage decreases below this level.

The condition at which the anode voltage crosses this level is an eventual stage of turning ON the PUT & also the level is termed as programmable level.

Besides this, gate biasing can be adjusted to any desired level with an assistance of externally connected voltage-divider circuit and hence it is completely independent of programmable level.
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