Qualities required in a cost accountant

I have done my graduation from DU and have also done an internship. I want to know what are the essential qualities required for a cost accountant.

First and foremost requirement is interest in the profile without it; it’s a waste of both money and efforts. As for personal traits, the first requirement is that you need to be a native numerate. It should be kept in mind that academic qualification, knowledge, skills and understanding are top on the list alongside the primary requirements. You should have an excellent communication skill (both written and spoken) which is a vital requirement. Also to go with it you should have a keen business mind with perceptual sense and the ability to negotiate and convince. The job as such is very competitive thus requires a high sense of motivation.
Regional councils and other institutes recognised by the Directorate of Studies of the Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India conduct classes to prepare students for this profile. These classes are very helpful and the examination for the same is held twice in the year. The cost and Work accountancy course may be completed over a period of three years.
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