Qualities required to be a Fashion Choreographer

What qualities do I need in order to become a Fashion Choreographer?

The first and foremost thing that you need to be a Fashion Choreographer is a passion for fashion. A choreographer should be well acquainted and well versed with the very concept of fashion and style. He should be familiar with everything ranging from garment design to types of fabric. He should be intuitive and should have a general idea about what people would like to see and what would make a show aesthetically prim, proper and perfect. For advancing further you can keep in touch with various fashion magazines and blogs, so that you are always updated on the current trend. They are also creative and innovative and unconsciously force a viewer to be enticed by whatever is exhibited. An eye for detail and a dynamic mind is a must for becoming a Fashion Choreographer.

In addition to all the above mentioned qualities, you need to possess some personal attributes such as time management skills, stress management skills, ability to socialize, openness to travel, etc. You should also be very sound on ethical grounds and should display positive work ethics in order to achieve a long term success. Organizational Skills are also required as you might work on different projects with different people on different ideas at the same time.
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