Qualities required to be a yoga trainer

What qualities do I need to become a yoga trainer?

- Yoga is not merely a body movement or exercise. It is the spiritualisation of oneself. Yoga has underlying philosophies which gives it a cosmic and holistic effect. Though becoming a yoga trainer is a commercialisation of a spiritual act, but that doesn’t give you the right to see every new student of yours as INR 2000. A true yoga trainer creates a massive impact on those he trains. You should love and respect yoga.

- Physical fitness: This doesn’t mean that you have got to be the owner of the most gifted body. You should be physically fit as sometimes you need to lead by example. You should be able to perform with the class and not merely instruct them.

- He should be patient and versatile as to deal with different kinds of audience. Sometimes he might have to deal with kids, other times he might have to deal with highly professional corporate professionals or senior citizens. He should thus be able to connect with everyone. It is not merely about money but about a spiritual practice of inestimable value.

- He should be armed with knowledge to cater the needs of his trainees. He should be well aware with the kriyas, pranayams and other moves of yoga. It is wise to volunteer and participate in workshops before actually starting as a professional yoga trainer.

- He should be very keen about the details. It is the adherence to small details that make yoga such a dear practice. A good yoga session is all about details and paying attention to those details. You should know the degree of bent of the back, when to point toes, when to inhale and when to exhale.
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