Quality Assurance career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Quality Assurance


Looking to secure the role of a Senior Quality Assurance analyst at ABC Ltd, Gurgaon. The long stint with one of the best companies led by good performance can aid in improving the quality of processes.


• A graduate from Delhi University with 3 years of experience as Quality Assurance analyst with ABC, Gurgaon.
• Performed quality assurance calls as well as reviewed processes for processing departments within the company
• Responsible for analyzing findings from process reviews as well as prepare reports highlighting opportunities for improvement
• Made recommendations for helping reduce errors as well as process variations
• Worked with management and developed project plans for addressing opportunities recognized through process reviews.
• Demonstrated an attitude for improvement by providing management with reports from time to time regarding various observations
• Assisted in implementing modifications to Quality Assurance department's evaluation process.
• Demonstrated leadership by training new recruits on all Quality metrics and guidelines.
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  • Quality Assurance career objective and career summary -Lavanya N (06/12/14)
  • Career Objective and Career Summary for Quality Assurance

    Career Objective:

    Looking forward to head the quality control department in a good organization where I can utilize the skills & expertise gained over the years to achieve organization objectives and career growth.

    Career Summary:

    - A BE Mechanical Engineering graduate with X years of experience in administrative and procedural activities of creating a quality system.
    - Expertise in the overall quality management right from the raw materials till the final product.
    - Excellent in analytical skills and statistics in pointing the errors and monitoring the process.
    - Proficient in the ISO standards and competence working in computer aided quality tools.
    - Good coordination skills and working with cross functional teams to ensure meeting the production targets with the right quality.
    - Strong team player with a great commitment towards meeting the organizational objectives.