Radiographer career objective and career summary

Radiographer career objective and career summary

Career Objective

To secure a position as the head- Radiology division. Looking forward to use the vast managerial abilities as well as practical experience to make an impact for quick and accurate treatment of patients by a thorough understanding of diseases along with guiding junior radiographers.

Career Summary

• A Bsc Hons in Radiology from Indian Institute of Science. Possess work experience of close to 4 years as the Superintendent Radiographer of a radiology department with 50 people working in it at ABC Hospital.
• Responsible for managing operations of the 24-hour radiology department.
• Involved in ensuring quality control along with suitable conditions for patient care
• Demonstrated people handling skills by playing a critical role in workforce retention as well as recruitment along with conducting staff appraisals
• Diligent and possess the ability to go deeper into details demonstrated through adherence to legislations and budget restrictions.
• Trained and mentored 2 qualified radiographers returning to practice.
• Ensured that a balance was maintained between clinical and managerial workload.
• Appreciate accuracy and possess keen eye for details with strong analytical skills
• Inclination towards staying updated with the technological developments in the field of Radiography.
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  • Radiographer career objective and career summary -Deepa Kaushik (06/25/14)
  • Career Objective:

    Attain the post of ‘Radiographer’ in your laboratory where I can deliver my expertise interpretation skills for the various radiographic findings, to add to the reputation of the laboratory.

    Career Summary:

    - B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology with 5 year experience as the radiographer with ABC laboratory.
    - Sound knowledge of the sonographic techniques.
    - Good working hand with Ultrasound, MRIs, CT Scans, X-ray imaging fluoroscopic procedures.
    - Experience of handling radiographic techniques for patients of all the ages.
    - Proven ability to handle the patients with terminal illness efficiently.
    - Experience of imaging people with critical illness.
    - Ability to handle the non-co-operative patients in a matured and professional manner.
    - Utmost care to maintain the professionalism towards work especially during performing the imaging to the female patients.
    - Experience of maintaining the work quality even with the increased work-pressure.
    - Capable of interpreting data and provide the basic recommendations for the optimal patient care.
    - Dedicated and sincere towards profession with efficient time-management skills.
    - Knowledge of the work ethics and ability to work abiding the compliance.