Real Estate Agent Career Objective and Career Summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Real Estate Agent

Career Objective:

Aiming for a highly rewarding and challenging career in a global real estate company that helps in bridging the buyers and sellers to accomplish their individual objectives and thus promote the growth of organization.

Career Summary:

- X years of rich experience in the real estate industry with great knowledge in market research and analysis.
- Expert in evaluating the property and carrying out the necessary legal procedures for making it ready for purchase \sale.
- Excellent in client management be it buyers or sellers and designing the marketing tool based on their requirements.
- Expert in negotiating and closing best deals that satisfy both buyers and sellers.
- Good knowledge on the legal procedures and ensure fulfillment of all the necessary procedures for successful closure of sale.
- Excellent in communication and interpersonal skills.
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  • Real Estate Agent Career Objective and Career Summary -Viraj Desai (06/26/14)

    Looking to secure the role of a real estate agent in a challenging environment that would enhance reputation of self as well as the company through delivery of quality services


    - A certification in Real estate services from Jaunpur University
    - Acted as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of residential flats
    - Advised clients on prevailing market conditions as well as assisted owners in selling property at highest prices
    - Lead a team of real estate specialists including investment team, distressed property team as well as short sale team
    - Shrewd, insightful and knowledgeable about striking best deals for benefit of all
    - Unmatchable communication and negotiation skills
    - Proven track record of sales success and meeting monthly quotas
    - Good analytical skills that helped in analyzing market trends for determining prices