Recent MoUs Between India and Bangladesh: Outline

Recent MoUs Between India and Bangladesh: Outline

Question: Two important MoUs (one on prevention of human trafficking and the other on coastal shipping) between India and Bangladesh have been approved by the Union Cabinet. Present an outline of both the MoUs serving to strengthen bilateral ties between the 2 nations.

A. MoU on Prevention of Human Trafficking

• MoU is for prevention of human trafficking, especially trafficking of women and children

• Efforts have been made for rescue, recovery, repatriation and reintegration of human trafficking victims.

• MoU also envisages speedy investigation and prosecution of traffickers as well as organised crime syndicates in both countries

• Preventative measures to eliminate human trafficking, especially of women and children and protecting the rights of human trafficking victims is another focus of this MoU

• Focus of the MoU is also on repatriation of victims and their safe reintegration in their home country

B. MoU on Coastal Shipping

• Exim trade between India and Bangladesh will be helped through reduction in freight charges

• The MoU also focuses on improved utilisation of port capacities of Indian ports and new opportunities for Indian coastal ships

• It also aims at preventing congestion of roads at Indo Bangladesh border at Land custom stations/integrated check posts.

• India and Bangladesh have also agreed to render the same treatment to each other’s vessels as they would their own national vessels used in global sea transportation

Facts and Stats

Regarding Human Trafficking

• MoU envisages prevention of flow of illegal migrants from the Indo Bangladesh border
Regarding Coastal Shipping

• Bangladesh is the largest trading partner of India in South Asia

• Opening of coastal route between the two nations will provide alternative route for transportation of Exim cargo between the two nations

• River Sea Vessels have been agreed to for use by both nations as well.
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