Red Is Good!

Red Is Good!

Life is full of colors. Some signals joys and some signals happiness. But then there is red which is often associated with the good as well as the bad at the same time. Yes that is the uniqueness of red. It can be associated with the opposite feelings at the same time. For me red is good and for you…??


• Red is the color of love which is used by the couples for displaying their love and affection by giving red roses and other red things to each other.

• In Indian culture red is associated with the beautiful and pious bond of marriage indicating the start of new life.

• A good drop of red is perfect on Saturday Party. It means that red wine in moderation reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

• Red is considered as the color of luck and happiness in Chinese tradition. It is said to have the energy of energy of the fire feng shui element.

• Red is seen as a color of power and therefore business people use it as color of their tie and it is the red carpet for the celebrities and VIPS.

• Red becomes special when people donate blood to help the needy and sick people.

• Tomatoes, cherries and carrot are very good for health and all of them are red in color.


• It is the last word in VIBGYOR signaling it’s the end of all the colors of life.

• Being in the red is not a good thing as it means you are suffering losses in the stock market or dealing with a deficit.

• As and when people gets angry their face gets red with anger. A red angry face can never be said well in any case.

• If white is said to be associated with peace, then red signifies war, blood bath, terrorism and likewise.

• Talking about Feng Shui, the excessive use of red can lead to restlessness, bursts of anger and over stimulation.


Red is the color of life and it becomes threatening to life when the red in the body gets low at some point of time. If it is good at some point then it bad at times. And perhaps this is what everything is all about!
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  • RE: Red Is Good! -Manpreet singh (11/05/16)
  • Acc. to me Red color is a sign of danger means we can see red color from a very far distance due to its wavelength In VIBGYOR red has highest wavelength throught it can see from a very far distance..
  • RE: Red Is Good! -rishika agarwal (07/05/14)
  • red is the sign for both gd and bad things
    red describs love and affection towards someone
    on the other hand it describes disaster, bloodshed etc etc
    so it cant be said that rd is gd or bad
  • RE: Red Is Good! -Chinmay Joshi (07/02/14)
  • Look,you are simply depicting RED as violent simply because it is the colour of our blood.
    Roses are also red and they certainly do not indicate violence.Black,you can say means darkness and evil but hey, all the businessmen wear black suites and black shoes. Do they intend violence?
    Of course not! Black is the colour which gives the mark of respect.
    Thus the point is that every colour can be reflected in a positive or negative light. We simply can't say that RED is bad!
  • RE: Red Is Good! -suhani (06/29/14)
  • no i dont think that red is a nice color because the scenario prevailing in our country is such that that the first thing that comes in our minds is that blood and gore that's unnecessarily spilled everywhere mercilessly ...i agree its ravishing color and has many connotations in our culture that are quite pious, but i am sorry i live in today's world and such is my opinion.
  • RE: Red Is Good! -Bhushan (06/29/14)
  • I think we at least we should stop the discrimination of colors. In India we have already got enough things to discriminate.Any color or anything is never bad unless and until it results in some harm or some danger.Though red is used to indicate danger but its because of its long wavelength not because of its 'redness'.So whatever the color is we should always take it positively.
  • RE: Red Is Good! -lakshmi (06/28/14)
  • I think it is the colour which has many advantages.for example if we want to stop the bus or train in emergency situations then showing the red coloured cloth alerts that there is a danger it will immediately stops.
  • RE: Red Is Good! -lakshmi (06/28/14)
  • I think it is the colour which has many advantages.for example if we want to stop the bus or train in emergency situations then showing the red coloured cloth alerts that there is a danger it will immediately stops.
  • RE: Red Is Good! -Karan (06/20/14)
  • Red is powerful if not good , its a mere perception!
    Included in the VIBGYOR , it represents its natural importance by appearing as a combination of 2 divine things, the rain and the sun!
    Red color has different ranges made palpable for different creatures like the visible range for us, IR for the insects and ambhibians! So its vivid.
    Moreover I fance red lipstick and pradas!
  • RE: Red Is Good! -gagan keshri (06/12/14)
  • red is good because all good works started with red colour nd end with also red so that's by red is good
  • RE: Red Is Good! -vaishali (06/12/14)
  • Red color has very wavelength than other color. So it can be seen from distance. Therefor it use in signal to stop vehicles as well as use to stop trains.
    RGB is main color from these color all other colors are derived.
  • RE: Red Is Good! -surbhi babbar (06/10/14)
  • well,as the topic's name says RED IS THE COLOR OF LIFE,,this is so as the blood gushing through our body is this color. then attaching any negativity to it would be tantamount to disregarding the force of life.
    in my opinion,red promulgates a sense of passion,a burning desire,feeling of gung ho and and above all a sense of liveliness leaving behind all lackadaisical thoughts..
  • RE: Red Is Good! -deepak (06/02/14)
  • red is not a good color bcoz it used in case of danger .some animal's are afraid of red due to its high wavelength.

    it denotes anger when war happens then whole place is red so it denotes very danger.

    When red symbol Placed somewhere denotes danger .
  • RE: Red Is Good! -barsha (05/29/14)
  • red is good means 2 say red color symbol is for kingfisher, manchester ,red devils.
    bt it also denote when sensex going down.and red color is famous for when one person say our feelings in front of another person.