Religion should not be mixed with politics

Religion should not be mixed with politics

Many people advocate the thought that religion should not be mixed with politics. But is that a practical thing? Is it possible to keep religions and politics away from each other? There is no doubt that religion and politics are two most important elements in people’s lives. And when they both come together arguments are bound to happen. So what is your view on ‘Religions should not be mixed with Politics’?


• Politics and religions should not mix as politics need to reflect a common opinion and have to make all decisions keeping in view the mutual benefit of all the people.

• If you simply go by the laws in India which is a secular country then definitely as per it the two things should not mix with each other.

• If both the elements are mixed then people will become more biased towards their own religion.

• Whenever politics and religions are mixed then the voting decisions of people have been affected.

• Politics is about power and a religion is about faith. Faith can influence power but when power influences faith it can become disaster. Faith always leads to principles and values.


• Religion is all about following the right path and inculcating right values. If true religion is followed then it can definitely result in fair politics.

• Religion and politics have always crossed their paths since years. Sometimes it has resulted in good results and sometimes in bad. But the fact is that they are inseparable.

• Mixing religion and politics can open up the gates to break some old shackles that were not a part of religion but society made it religion.

• It will help many people to do and follow what their religion preaches. Someone who understands and knows their values will make all efforts to respect it and save it.

• Cow killing is not supported by politicians in India. Just because their religion doesn’t approve it.


Politics is all about having a good time in present life and religion is about having faith for the future times. There are times when they both run like parallel banks of river which don’t meet but always run together.
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  • RE: Religion should not be mixed with politics -Aman (09/02/16)
  • mixing religion with politics is matte
    r of concern. Today politicians are just gaining votes by supporting one religion it makes people affected and they become more biased. Politicians must not play with the faith of the people they must respect every religion and their values
  • RE: Religion should not be mixed with politics -Deepa Kaushik (04/12/14)
  • Religion has nothing to d with the politics. Both remain separate affairs without any evident links and loops. Still we have always seen the political parties taking the religious stand, especially at the time of elections to gather the vote bank.

    Religion has its own ethics and values. God fearing people do follow the religious trends, but being religious doesn’t mean following blindly without using their mind. The people get deviated and obey these leaders who pose as the religious leaders, but in reality they do play politics at the background. Such people can be termed as “superstitious” rather than religious, as they work without using their brains, marching blindly behind these religious leaders.

    Not all the religious leaders have a political front; many of them sincerely practising their worships. But in this fake world, it is very difficult to differentiate a genuine guru from a fake tot. also, many new fake religious leaders are abruptly coming up with a lot many followers, just to get fame and then make money by slowly moving to the political stand.

    If this was the stand of the religious leaders, the politicians on the other hand make full use of the name of God, with the help of such religious leaders to gather vote bank from the superstitious sects of the society. These politicians could hardly been seen anywhere near the religious spots or having any religious stand in the practical world after the elections.

    Both the ways are just mean and highly unfair to be practised. This is nothing but making fool of the innocent common man. Such malicious practise should be stopped with immediate effect.