Remuneration for securities analysts.

What will be my salary package if I get a job in this field after doing my MBA? And is there a huge difference between the salaries of people depending upon their educational qualification?

There is always an entry level and from there you gradually increase to a better salary package. MBA’s and post graduates with professional qualifications can earn up to Rs. 20,000/- per month and above at the entry level. Based on individual performance and decision making, which results in an increase in the profit of the firm, there is an increment in the salary package. Many employers get bonuses that are equivalent or double the salary of a beginner analyst. There is a commission that is attached with the salary which is performance driven and is totally dependent on an individual performance. The earning of a top professional can be sky high i.e. can go up to lacs and crores as per the experience and the profitability quotient to the firm that they bring.
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