Remuneration that I can expect as an Optometrist

What is the remuneration that I can expect as an Optometrist?

-The demand for skilled personnel in the optometry field is very high.
- The Graduates of Optometry have an initial monthly salary of Rs8000/- based on a 40 hour work week.
-This salary does not include bonuses or fringe benefits.
-Salaried optometrists tend to earn more initially than optometrists who set up their own practices.
-However, ultimately those in private practice once established usually earn more.

Salaries after Optometry in Government Organizations

-The optometry field is one of those professions that give good income.
-An optometrist can find employment with many government organizations.
-Their remunerations will vary depending on many factors such as hours worked, services provided, place of work, patient population, etc.
-The starting salary for them in this field is Rs.10, 000/- or more in government firms. In addition to this there will be many allowances also.

Salaries after Optometry in Private Institutions

-These professionals can also find employment with the private firms or can run optical shops, private practice or manufacturing units for lens.
-However those professionals in private practice will earn more compared to others. They can earn a monthly salary up to Rs.15, 000/- or more.

Many MNCs that manufactures eye care products also recruit these professionals in various posts.
Remuneration after Optometry in Private Practice in India and Abroad

-Apart from other fields, the earnings for a professional in this field will vary according to the organizations or the fields in which they are working.
-Many opportunities are there in overseas also. After gaining one or two years experience in this field one can expect a monthly salary that ranges from Rs.1.2 lakhs to Rs.1.4 lakhs in the

private practice abroad.
-This is very much high compared to their counterpart in India.
-However the monthly income will be high for the private practitioners compared to the fixed salary professionals working in hospitals or any health care centres.
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