Required skills set and remuneration for an interior designer.

What are the skills required to be a good Interior Designer?

Along with having a good drawing and designing aptitude, color sense and good analytical mind to fit in the ideas, an interior designer should have good visual sensitivity and scientific aptitude.
Interior Designers must possess good knowledge of textures, materials and recent trends so that they can design and renovate the interior spaces custom-base. They must have good communication skills so that they can easily understand and communicate their ideas and ideas of their clients and can provide maximum customer satisfaction. Interior Designers must be able to handle a team in an efficient manner, as they have to deal with all the aspects of building and designing. They should easily cope up with the technical details and should be able to plan out the designs which are cost effective.

How much remuneration an Interior Designer professional can get?

Depending on the potential, experience and talent, an Interior Designer can charge a good amount of the work he does. Fresh graduates can expect a monthly salary of Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10000/- and on going up the professional ladder they can charge up to Rs. 50000/- to Rs. 80000/- monthly. Independent professionals in this field can charge their fees as a part of the total budget approved by the client. Charges also depend on the size of the project, group with which the aspirant is working and the demand of the client.
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