Requirements to be a Video Jockey (VJ)

What is the educational qualification to pursue a course in Video Jockeying?

It is very important for aspirants to understand that anyone can apply into this field as educational qualification doesn’t matter in this particular field. But a background in mass communication, visual communication or performing arts always comes in handy. Video Jockeying is a talent based field. Even though no formal educational qualification is required, a degree or at least plus two is generally a pre requisite.

The most essential factor for a Video Jockey is a good voice with the ability to modulate as per the occasion. Apart from that, a VJ should have a clear diction, accurate pronunciation, flare and fluency in the language. They should be able to use good themes and learn to use different themes to the best effect. Another distinguishing characteristic to become a successful video jockey is the speed of response, good sense of humour, individuality, and creativity of mind, spontaneity and an intensive knowledge of music. Successful VJs have the ability to twist and turn their speech according to the situation.

Staying updated is very important for a video jockey. A VJ needs to keep track of the happenings in and around the city. People will enjoy listening to tracks played by a VJ, if they can sound different on the show. So qualities like mimicry, local dialects and comedy or humour items will help the RJ to carry on their shows. With all these qualities one can easily become a successful Video jockey but one should also keep in mind that interest is a major factor in making a career a success.
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